why don't we quieten down?
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my lifeblood. this film is my everything.

one of my favorite Hong Kong works of art, “Difficult Life Station" by Wong Chiu Tat
Why do I have such an existential craving to leave everyone and go far away or maybe die and why do I want to always sleep and why am I always sleepy and why am I cliche and what can I do? asked by yeahwellohwell


You’re self obsessed maybe.  I’ve been there.  I mean look how many times you say “I”.  Maybe the answers your looking for won’t come to you from within your own mind.  Maybe you should go somewhere nearby you’ve never been and maybe you’ll meet someone there that’s interesting.

If you do listen to them and maybe how they deal with these kinds of issues will teach you something new.

I’ve never understood calling something cliche as an insult.  It seems like a tactic of those who are truly unsure of themselves.

I recall one Sunday afternoon I was playing chess with my friend Justin Blackburn, and we were listening to Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan and this weird nerd walked in and shouted “Wow!  Playing chess and listening to Bob Dylan?  That’s so cliche.”  He laughed and went onward through his strange Christian world.

I was confused because i’d never heard of the Bob Dylan/Chess cliche.  I’ve still found no sources for it. 

The point of this boring anecdote is that things are only as cliche, only as boring or played out as you allow them to be.  Sometimes I’ll sit in my yard and just look at the bugs crawling by.  I’ve done this since I was a child.  I never allowed it to bore me and it never has.  

You have to find ways to be in love with the world, even if you can only love small parts of it.  You have to leave your head sometimes or you’ll go crazy. 


Michael Gelinas

Mother and daughter
Wales, 1988
Martin Parr

If your new years resolution was to acquire more hard-to-find Michael Yonkers pressings, your year just got a whole lot easier! Drag City just announced that they will be repressing two exceedingly rare Yonkers ventures – 1972’s Michael Lee Yonkers as well as 1973’s Borders of My Mind (purportedly the record that prompted De Stijl’s Clint Simonson to seek out Yonkers in the first place, leading to the whole resurgence of interest, etc). 
 The former is a lo-fi country-inflected collection of outsider folk tunes, which Yonkers recorded on various reel-to-reel tape devices. The latter is a selection of Yonkers tunes that he recorded with (former Mumble) Jim Woehrle, in Woehrle’s living room.   You can listen to the titular track from borders below, in which Yonkers and Woehrle can plainly be heard to be having a hell of a good time. If you are interested, don’t snooze on picking up these reissues fast via Drag City once they become available on 1/21. They likely won’t last long.

David Hockney - The Red Chair, April 1986

Kailua Noon - Pegge Hopper

Pretty sure everyone i knew had this…

from the book of answers 1860